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Monday, October 29, 2012

High Winds, High Tides, High Floods=(you guessed it) High Anxiety

Dear Hurricane Sandy,
Have you ever known anyone who has mental health or behavioral health issues? If you do than your are basically ignoring the fact that for people who do not have these issues are feeling high anxiety, so imagine if you take anti-anxiety medications, or you are a parent who who has a child with ADHD at home because school is closed, or a senior citizen who has dementia in an evacuation area, did ya ever think about those people? Well since this is a Hurricane and not a human, pretty difficult for any thought processing to be going on. For all of us who do have emotions and do think what can we do to decrease these feelings? 
Answer: anything and everything to keep your mind off the weather. Seriously. I have no real clinical advice for these situations other than head the warnings and precautions of your local officials and for lack of better words "weather the storm" (how could I resist that cliché?)  Stay occupied, enjoy the day off and make sure you are safe and read a lot of blogs! 

I hope this added to decreasing your anxiety levels, I will have more occupying your day off Hurricane Sandy posts! 
Breathe in and breathe out!

Have a safe day!