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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Got Flu? Get a Flu Shot...Got PTSD? Get a PTSD Shot...Wait What?

Not into vaccines in general, but this sounds, sounds pretty remarkable. reported on this potential vaccine, but is a bit late to this party because in December of 2011 Wired magazine reported on this same potentiality of a "cure"(not a fan of that terminology either). Either way, the link is posted below on both articles. article 2011: PTSD Vaccination
FoxNews article 2012: PTSD Vaccination

One more interesting, fairly new treatment is the usage of services dogs to help those veterans cope with having PTSD. Click here for the link.

Over many blog posts I have spoken about the new interventions that clinicians and practitioners have been developing in treating all the different ailments that our war veterans have been enduring in specifically PTSD. This is proof that although we have not fully been able to conquer all ailments they are certainly paying attention over the influx of suicide and PTSD of current war veterans.  

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