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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Abuse and Money

Short little post.
I read today via Yahoo! news "that Trauma is the leading cause of the death of children in this country. The effect of trauma on productive life years lost exceeds that of any other disease. The economic cost of 50 million injuries in the year 2000, alone, was $406 billion. This includes estimates of $80 billion in medical care costs, and $326 billion in productivity losses. And the predicted cost to the health care system from interpersonal violence and abuse ranges between $333 billion and $750 billion annually, or nearly 17 to 37.5 percent of total health care expenditures."  

Yes, you read correctly BILLIONS of dollars and ranges over a 1/3 of health care treatment. That means that there is a large population that have endured some sort of trauma in their life. That number may even be more with the trauma that is not being reported or treated. I am surprised about the amount of revenue, but not surprised that it is a big chunk of treating trauma. I would also not be surprised if those numbers increased with treating our veterans over the past couple of years... 

Enjoy this little diddy!

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