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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Attention: Clean up on aisle six! Food and Mood!

Food and mood for the right attitude(see what I did there). I recently ran a group on the effects of physical ailments and anger management(Jealous you weren't there? You should be!) That led me to a whole host of different ways to view the body and mental health. I knew that there is data that supports that if you have a balanced diet it has numerous effects on your mental health. I decided to take the liberty with the help of Mind Sanctuary to list a few easy ways to incorporate certain food and vitamins to ensure good mental health. Most of these you probably eat already so at least you can feel good when you eat them!

Oranges(Vitamin C)
Strawberries (Vitamin C)
Bell Peppers (Vitamin C)
Fish(Omega 3)
Fish(Omega 3)
Did I mention Fish?(Omega 3)
Bran/Rice/ Wheat/Oat (Magnesium)
Almonds, Cashews, and Mixed nut, Pine Nuts(Magnesium)
Low Fat Roast Beef(Zinc)

Vitamin C – Depression
Omega 3 – Depression and Poor Memory
Magnesium – Anxiety, Depression, Irritability, Stress, Insomnia
Zinc – depression, confusion, blank mind, loss of appetite, lack of motivation

You eat all of the above and now you should eat more of that stuff because of all the added benefits it comes with!

Short post for your Thursday!
Have a good one!

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  1. So am I all good since I eat that? I will be perfect until 120?