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Friday, August 24, 2012

Yoga and Mental Health

As we read in the previous post, depression effects 12 million people year round I was interested in alternative ways to treat depression and came across one interesting treatment that not only helps treat depression but anxiety, ADHD and PTSD too. Yoga! So gals throw on those mental yoga pants and guys break out those mental under armor shirts and let’s get our mats ready!! 

When some of you think yoga, you probably think "I can’t bend like that" or "I'd rather relax at home with the TV...that's meditation". Though there are many positive effects of participating in yoga for many types of people.  

Earlier this month there was a study published by University of Michigan Health System about the correlation between expectant mothers and depression. The study reported that "Pregnant women who were identified as psychiatrically high risk and who participated in a 10-week mindfulness yoga intervention saw significant reductions in depressive symptoms...mothers-to-be also reported stronger attachment to their babies in the womb".* If this could work with pregnant women who have a whole host of different things going on hormonally, I wonder what could it do to a man with PTSD? or even a child with ADHD? 

In an effort to answer these questions as I always do I go surfing...the net. I found a website called, which reported a study that was conducted with veterans of war who have a Dx of PTSD. The article reported that "they (veterans) engaged in a program featuring guided meditation, yoga asanas (stretching poses), stress reduction techniques and breathing exercises. After six weeks the group had an overall decrease of 15 points on the Clinician Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS), moving the group from moderate to severe anxiety down to mild through moderate. The improvement was dramatic and the control group showed no improvement." Umm...awesome! No words!

One of the pillars of yoga is being able to improve concentration. With the combination of the stretching and poses it has been known whether you have ADHD or not to improve concentration. (Just something to think about-if the child can’t concentrate to begin with how will he/she be able to do the stretching or poses? A different post for a different day)

Anxiety? The other pillar, which I always thought the real reason people do yoga is for the deep breathing and relaxation techniques...need I say more when we are talking about anxiety?

Whether you go now to your closest gym or not, you cannot deny the positive attributes that yoga can play in a person with mental illness.

Thank you class- NAMASTE!
Have a good day and good weekend!

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